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Building material

MgO Fireproof Board

MgO Fireproof Board is a new environment protection non-combustion building material. Making mainly of natural magnesium ore and other natural raw materials : non woven fiber and glass fiber as strengthen material , our board has the same function with traditional fireproof materials Contrasting with them.
Main characteristics
1 Fireproof Board
Our Magnesium ?Fireproof Board was tested by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials (NFTC). Its fireproof level is rated level A (nonflammable level)
2 Moisture-Resistance
Our Magnesium Fireproof Board is excellent in moisture-resistance. Dry bending strength is 15Mpa. Bending strength under absorbed moisture is 22Mpa.
3 Heat Insulation
Our Magnesium Fireproof Board has heat prevention material incorporated, it has great feature of heat prevention. Thermal resistance is 1.14m2k/w.
4 Sound Insulation
Our Magnesium Fireproof Board is proved to have good noise insulation property after inspected by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials (NFTC), The noise insulation factor of the wall can reach 44dB and 47dB. It has the best noise insulation constitution in China, especially the 95mm wall comprised by the 10mm board.
5 Bump-resistance and light
Our Magnesium Fireproof Board is a light board. Its density is less than 1.0×1.03kg/m3. At the same time its bending strength and impact resistance is excellent. Also, it will maintain its' quality during construction. It is light, t can save time, space, weight and expense. It is a new and high efficient wall.

Installation requirements
1.Select appropriate ceiling channels and grids
A. Good endurance of the ceiling channels and grids
B. No deform in the ceiling channels and grids
2.Select appropriate board
A. Proper thickness ( in accordance with the usage)
B. Proper shape
3 .Use screw with proper size to fix the board
A. The sequence of screw tacking is from the middle to the edges
B. It is forbidden to tack within 1cm of the edges
C. The space between the screw if 10mm—20mm
D. The space between the pieces of the board is 3mm—5mm
E. The distance between the top of the screw and the surface of the board should >0.5
F. An anti-rust treatment in advance is necessary if the screw is iron
4.The seaming treatment of the board
Fill the elastic putty directly into the seaming, press until no space, air-dry, burnish with the sand paper.
5.Lacquering of the board
The non-woven side of board should adown or forth, putty filling should be done in 1 week, air-dry, paint latex.
6.Surface treatment of the board
A. Remove the rust and the putty, dry the board.
B1.Simply decorate the surface of the board: paste wallpaper, painting, and etc.

B2.Adhibit aluminum composite panel, tiles or other materials with proper cementation.
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