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Building material
Mineral Fibers Ceiling Board

Outstanding decorative effect,easy installation,convenient maintenance,quality coating.

Decorative performance:Beautiful decorative patterns give space more flexibility.
Sound absorption:It can effectively reduce indoor noise and improve acoustical quality.
Excellent thermo insulating property.
Incombustibility:It is characterized by good fire-proof performance.

Main hall,council chamber,office,theater,dining room,classroom,shopping center,
Machine room,airport,fitness center,library,swimming pool,living room,bedroom,
Subway platform,passageway,etc.

Technical parameters:
Material:wet-method composite mineral fiber
Surface coating:good vinyl latex paint
Color:white(other colors available)
Superficial decorative pattern:optional
Processing of rim angle:no fluting(for open frame),four rims cutting and fluting in the center.
Sound absorption coefficent :0.4-0.6
Fireproofing property:qualified(Grade B1,GB8625-88)
Qualified(Grade A,GB5464-85)
Anti-sinking property:≤3.5mm(JC670-1997)
Coefficient of heat condition:0.065W/m.k
Anti-bending strength:≥250N

Length:300,600,1200,or 12’’,24’’,36’’
Width:300,600mm or 12’’,24’’
Density:400-450 kg/m3,good mineral fiber is characterized by the content of 90% or above,which can resist pending effectively.
No asbestos contained,environment-friendly.
Fire-proof:Grade A or B1,consistent with GNS6532(technical standard of Taiwan).
Few or none organic additives,so fungi do not stir up.
No formaldehyde contained:improved starch used for solidification.

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