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Building material
Perforated gypsum ceiling board

square hole
perforation type:square type,3*3mm,5*5mm,10*10mm,12*12mm
size 2440*1220*12.5mm,610*610*12.5mm,1220*610*12.5mm,other on request
color of non-woven fabric:white ,black , blue , other on request
perforation rate:13.4%-17.2%
NRC rate:0.7

Circle Hole
Perforating type : circle hole,
Φ6mm (pitch:18mm),
Φ8mm (pitch:25mm),
Φ12mm (pitch:25mm),
Φ15mm (pitch:30mm)
Size:2440*1220*9.5mm,2440*610*9.5mm,other on request.
Color of non-woven fabric,white ,black .blue ,other on request
Perforation rate:8.7%-19.6%
NRC rate:0.7

Irregular Circle Hole
Perforating type : irregular circle hole,
Φ6/10, Φ12/20, Φ35/20/12, Φ20/12/8
Size:2440*1220*12.5mm, other on request.
Color of non-woven fabric, white ,black .blue ,other on request
Perforation rate:8.7%-18.1%
NRC rate:0.7

Other Surface
PVC laminated acoustic perforated gypsum board.
Many patterns can be chose.
Ceiling:like ordinary gypsum board, roller coated surface.
Partition: like ordinary gypsum board, roller coated surface.
About us
Acoustic perforated gypsum board is designed on the basis of helholtz resonance theorem,After perforated, the holes,board and the wall make up of many resonant cavities,when air molecules pass the holes,the resonant cavities will consume large quantities of sound energy.
Acoustic perforated gypsum board is one of the best sound absorption products,it is widely used in office ,cinema,church, and so on.

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