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Building material


1.Convenience in installation,it shortens working time and labour charges.
2.Neither air nor environment pollution while installing.With good effect for space dividing and beautifying.
3.Re-cycled Material which is meet the environment protection policy in the world..
Using fire proof material to assure living safety.
4.Can be installed according to practical demands.
5.The physical coeffcients of all kinds frames are ready for customer and designers’reference and request.

1) Main tee:
a) 24 x 38 x 3,600mm
b) 24 x 32 x 3,600mm
c) 24 x 26 x 3,600mm

2) Cross tee:
a) 24 x 26 x 1,200mm
b) 24 x 24 x 1,200mm

3) Small tee:
a) 24 x 26 x 600mm
b) 24 x 24 x 600mm
c) 24 x 20 x 600mm

4) Wall angle: 22 x 20 x 3,000mm

5) Thickness: 0.23 - 0.40mm

1.The frame is the light style.It is hung according to strict requirements.Then put the sound absorption board on the frame.
2. Hang the frame with H light Ceiling Grids.Insert the board into the frame.
3. Hang the frame with T Ceiling Grids,put the non groovy part on the frame.The groovy part needs the Ceiling Grid.

4. Set the plasterboard on the Ceiling Grids.There are 15 platings points which will be put with the lines and set with nails.

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