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Building material

Paper Faced Gypsum Board


  • Material: Germany KNAUF paper-faced gypsum board
  • Thickness: 9mm/9.5mm
  • ?Sizes: 595 x 595mm, 595 x 1,195mm, 603 x 603mm, 603 x 1,212mm
  • Size tolerance: length < ± 2mm, width < ± 2mm, thickness < ±0.5mm
  • Weight: 7kg/㎡
  • Strength: >160N
  • Characters: non-flammable B1, in accordance with Chinese standard GB8624-1997
  • Installation: match with ceiling T-bar

1.Paper Coated Gypsum Board/Plaster Board adopts Germany KNAUF paper-faced gypsum board as the base board, and imported good quality latex painting, polythene compound pellicle, aluminum foil as the surface veneer material.
2. Through a high technological manufacturing process. It has a character of safe environmental,? healthy, non-dust ,noxious-free, moisture-proof, sunken proof, and easy clean.It is an economical, elegant, fashionable, ceiling decorative material.
3.This superior material is mainly used in the indoor decoration of super class buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls theaters, cinemas, stations,auditoriums, offices, sitting rooms, business buildings, electronic workshops,precision apparatus rooms and industrial or residential buildings. We have 5 series of products:Painting relievo surface; Printing pellicle surface;Superior pellicle surface;Clean non-dust surface; Advanced pellicle backside aluminum foil surface.
Packing:standard marine package, by wood pallet or in bulk.

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