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Mouldings (for laminate flooring)

    We provide various mouldings as accessories of laminate flooring, such as Reducer,T-moulding, Stair-nose, Quarter round, End-cap and Skirting. Our products have been well received in USA, Canada, EU and other countries for our high quality and competitive pricing.
The laminate mouldings structure consists of three parts, abrasion layer(AL2O3), decorative paper and high-density board as the raw materials. It has the characteristics of being wearable, moisture-proof, fireproof, environment-friendly.

    The greatest advantages of the laminate mouldings is that the moulding's decor color can match laminate flooring's color exactly, as well as easy installation with track than traditional wood moldings and PVC mouldings.


    Quarter round used at base of wall. To finish the transition between the floor and the wall surfaces.

Product Description   Contents per carton


ZL-MQA 2400x27x15 40 pcs(2420x125x105)  
ZL-MQB 2400x27x12 50 pcs(2420x125x105)  


    Skirting borders the floor at the base of the wall to give your room a finished look, as well as to protect the bottom of the wall. Usually skirting is used together with quarter round to get better decorating effects.



Product Description   Contents per carton


ZL-MSA 2400x96x12 10(2420x125x105)  
ZL-MSB 2400x60x15 10(2420x125x105)  
ZL-MSC 2400x80x15 10(2420x125x105)  
ZL-MSD 2400x60x12 10(2420x125x105)  


    End-cap is used for transition from laminated floor to another type of flooring, carpet, for instance. And it acts as finishing of the laminated floor in outside doors. The transition thickness could be 8mm to 12mm.



Product Description   Contents per carton
ZL-MEA 2400x36x12 10(2420x125x105)
ZL-MEB 2400x23x10 10(2420x125x105)
ZL-MEC 2400x35x11 10(2420x125x105)


    T-molding is used in doorways or two floor panels of the same height. It could fill up the interstice with a complete appearance.

Product Description   Contents per carton
ZL-MT 2400x48x10 20(2420x125x105)


    Stair-nose is used at the edge of each step in a staircase to create a proper transition, which would provide convenience and enhance the decorating effects.


Product Description   Contents per carton
ZL-MNA(8mm) 2400x57x18 10(2420x125x85)
ZL-MNB(12mm) 2400x57x18 10(2420x125x85)


    Reducer is used to create a smooth transition between two floor surfaces of different height. It could protect the floor edge, as well as enhance visual effects.


Product Description   Contents per carton
ZL-MR(8mm) 2400x44x12 20(2420x125x105)
ZL-MR(12mm) 2400x45x15 20(2420x125x105)

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