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Carpet Seaming Tape
    We provide different performances Seaming Tapes to suit for various kinds of carpets. Our products obtained a high opinion from the domestic and overseas customers.FEATURES: Environmentally safe. It is low in smoke when the adhesive is melted and do no harm to people. Use high-quality craft paper cushion, which can move with the carpet and won't stick to the pad.  The fiberglass in the center of the tapes is woven to dense net, resistant to high temperature, strong flexibility, will not split.
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ZL-140:Use low melting point adhesive, the density of the fiberglass net is 7mm, the adhesive layer is relatively thin, moderate bonding strength. Designed for polypropylene fiber carpet and tapestry.
ZL-160:The adhesive used has relatively high melting point. The density of the fiberglass net is 4.5mm, knitted closely. Thicker adhesive layer for more strength and flexibility. Best for use with gunny back and latex back polypropylene fiber carpets and chemical fiber carpets.
ZL-180:Use high melting point adhesive and 3mm-density fiberglass net. An extra-thick adhesive layer for excellent bonding. Best for use with worsted carpets, imports of nylon carpets and full-woolen carpets.
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ZL-140-EK environmental glue,kraft paper
ZL-140-OKR ordinary glue,kraft paper,reinforced stitched
ZL-160-OK ordinary glue,kraft paper
ZL-160-EC environmental glue,crepe paper
ZL-180-OK ordinary glue,kraft paper
ZL-180-EK environmental glue,kraft paper
ZL-180-EG environmental glue,gold paper
ZL-180-SEK special environmental glue,kraft paper
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